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Educating Internally Displaced Impoverished Children
Educate Vulnerable Children

We promote and encourage the education of the less privileged children by supporting them with scholarship schemes. We equally provide them with guidance and counseling for the right career…

To Empower Women and the Girls
Women Empowerment

We educate and empower women with vocational training skills to enable them become self reliant. This enables them overcome complexities, earn a decent livelihood to sustain themselves……..

Improved Health

We promote healthy living conditions by organizing health talks in schools, distribution of medical and PPE in relation to sanitation and hygiene, and co-develop solutions that provide essential medical services

Action Against GBV

We respond to the needs of victims/survivors, and ensure that they are properly protected. We can change legislation, or improve access to services, such as preventative or post-violence care

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Individual Donations

Investing in women and children multiplies the impact those investments have. Studies show women are more likely to invest in building a better life for their children, family, and their community.



Through our Sponsor a Woman and Sponsor a Child initiatives, we are providing the tools necessary to introduce sustainable businesses, deliver education programs, and bring economic stability.



We offer opportunities to volunteer in areas such as administration, PSEA, fundraising, marketing and whatever expertise you can provide.

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Empowering women to become self reliant

Empowering women to become self reliant

This project is aimed at developing skills and basic literacy among 50 girls and women in age group of 18- 35 years to sustain them in the economic market and generate livelihood options with startup kits provided to them

Educating Internally Displaced  Impoverished Children

Educating Internally Displaced Impoverished Children

Each of these children is an individual in his or her own right, with feelings, emotions, talents, aspirations and potential which could contribute to national development.

Improving Maternal and Child Health Care

Improving Maternal and Child Health Care

Displaced women and children continue to suffer the consequences of the Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis which dates back to 2017. Access to healthcare is equally difficult due to their increased inability to afford required services and supplies. Pregnant women now…


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