Women Empowerment

With a literacy rate of females as low as 55 percent coupled with the current Anglophone crisis, livelihood opportunities in the state is still a question for adults as young as 20 years of age. The formal education system of our country has failed to club education with life skills, required at later stages of life. Apart from low literacy rate, females generally dropout of school reducing their confidence and increasing complexities to face the outside world. Faced with a rapidly growing population,economic crises, and looming environmental crises, it is increasingly difficult for women to fight hunger and feed their families. 

Addressing life skills and functional literacy for women and girls will make them aware and equally enable them tackle overcoming complexities to earn a decent livelihood to sustain and create a face for themselves. As markets become ascendant and economic returns depend increasingly on being able to cater to more sophisticated markets, women descend into greater marginalization and economic insecurity.


Production of soaps and detergents

Teaching women and girls soap and detergent production has helped them create their own businesses and has equally filled a basic hygiene need for displaced persons. The soap making project has positively impacted the lives of women and girls affected by the continued conflict in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon. Under soap-making and detergent production program, women are able to strengthen their economic power to earn steady income.

Production of ankara dresses and beaded products

The program is tailored specifically to the women’s needs, to ensure successful social and economic reintegration of displaced and vulnerable families and individuals. The program has been designed to engage vulnerable women to gain equal access to not only tailoring skills but are equally educated on financial resources that supplement their existing incomes, as well as expand their opportunities in creating sustainable projects for their future.


Marketing Skills and more